Kids’ Room Flooring – How to Choose The Right 6×9 Area Rug?

When it comes to flooring of your offspring’s room, many go for the option of no carpeting at all, leaving out all the fun and design details of a cure 6×9 area rug you can find either at your local furniture shop or choose from a variety of online options on e-shops.

Too fun – use your imagination and get playful

child-area-rugs-square-white-cars-pattern-adorable-wool-rugs-blue-awesome-helicopter-toys-brown-wooden-style-classic-marble-floor-kids-room-rugsAll the toys and castles do need a scenery, and what is the best way help your little munchkin use the best of its imagination? The special detail of a 6×9 area rug that will reanact any battle, soccer field, city roadmap or wild racing field in a matter of seconds. The variety of patterns and designs range from forests, continents, sea life all the way to the skies so that the little pilot can fly his wooden airplane over the clouds. If your son would love to be a pirate, why not surprise him with a pirate ship themed 6×9 area rug and let him give his bad toys a plank walk!

Classroom time in the playroom on the rug

Even though you’ve installed a nice chalk board and a small table for drawing and writing, why also not add a nice colourful alphabet 6×9 area rug that will easily fit in and let you practice with your child while sitting on the floor cosily over a nice hot chocolate? Also, if you find a cute rug with some animals or objects drawn on it, the guessing games are about to start – guess the animal, make a cow noise, find the ears and the nose, etc. By choosing a fluffly soft area rug, it might just become the most comfortable classroom your child will very much enjoy.

Area rug – the added colour/pattern element

If you are still choosing the colours for the kids’ room, or have already found your best pastels, you must have noticed a pattern – you didn’t go for the eye-pinching red or the dark purple, did you, not even for one wall? It’s because we even instictively go for the soothing but bright colours, often being beige, pale blue or pale yellow when decorating our baby’s room, so the room stays bright and sunny, but most of the fun is then taken out. Where you do let your imagination flow, and creativity side go wild if not with the little details that will also add for you the grown-up element such as patterned pillows on the rocking chair, books on the shelf or with a lively and storytelling 6×9 area rugs that will make the room come alive. A splash of colours will give the room a groove and a theme of your choice.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of creating a super comfy and fun atmosphere in your child’s room by introducing a themed or patterned area rug that both you and your children will love and continue to use for both decor and play time for the years to come.



Five Qualities All Great Custom Rugs Must Have

The artistry and beauty embodied in custom rugs make them so attractive. So much so, that everyone wants to own these masterpieces. Are you one of these people who consider these woven beauties an essential? If so, you may want to read this narrative so you can know what qualities to look for when making your order. It is true beauty lies in the beholder’s eye. However, there are pieces of information that are essential when you are evaluating pieces of artistry. Concerning custom carpets, these indicators include weaving techniques, quality or raw materials, pile length, weaving quality and substances used to dye wool.

Finest Qualities of The Best Custom Rugs

1. Should be Handmade or hand-woven

There are three applicable weaving techniques used to make rugs: Hand-tufted, machine-made and hand-woven or handmade. Machine-made rugs including the nicer brands are not comparable to hand-woven pieces. Though pretty and even highly functional, they do not qualify as works of art. The deceptively named hand-tufted rugs are not any better. They are in no way hand-made and are not even environmentally friendly. Hand-woven rugs are preferred because they exhibit more artistry, last longer and are applicable to many furnishing purposes. They also have more value.

2. Must contain only quality materials

The only high-quality materials that make exquisite custom rugs are unadulterated, first grade, hand-spun wool or silk. Good wool is easy to tell because it does have distinctive sheen or luster. Do watch out though because some unscrupulous dealers out to make a quick buck may blend poor quality wool with artificial material containing petroleum products to try to imitate the luster of superior quality wool. Silk is a lot easier to identify; simply pull a strand off your rug and set it on fire, true silk shrivels when burning and emits the smell of burning hair.

3. Should have reasonable pile length

Custom rugs with longer pile lengths exhibit poor weaving quality. This is so because a longer pile complicates designs and makes them either fuzzy or muddy. Long piles also compromise the longevity of a rug because it crushes over time and makes the rug highly susceptible to wear. Moreover, long piles are an indication of poor weaving skills and many weavers leave them to hide their inferior technical and artistic prowess.

4. Should have high weaving quality

Telling the quality of weaving in custom rugs may not be easy but a few indicators such as symmetry in the rug’s size and knot construction as well as the images and patterns are woven on the rug may help. While perfect symmetry is elusive with hand-woven custom rugs, large variations in dimensions may point to the work of a less-skilled weaver. The images need to look similar and the knots should feel smooth when touched.

5. Wool should preferably be natural or vegetal-dyed

There are three types of wool used in making rugs. These are natural, vegetal-dyed and chemically dyed woolen materials. Natural or vegetal-dyed wool are preferred because they have superior aesthetic qualities and have more value. The proportion of vegetal-dyed rugs is, however, far slimmer and, many dealers misrepresent facts in a bid to charge exorbitant prices on the rugs they sell. You as such need to exercise caution when ordering for your custom rugs.

Getting your preferred rug should not be complicated but it also is not expressly easy. However, if you look out for the qualities mentioned here above, you will most likely end up with high-quality custom rugs.